Absolute Truths On Hair Extensions You Should Know About

Fashion has seen hair extensions become more than just a passing trend over the years. Its popularity comes from a number of reasons, such as the way it can instantly give anyone a lift and how it comes in such a wide variety. You can get 20 inch hair extensions with little to no issue nowadays. It’s reached a point wherein seeing a human hair ponytail extension, for example, is all but praised.

With the popularity, however, comes a tendency for certain misconceptions. All the false information can possibly dissuade new users or people who are curious from further exploration. 

What are some absolute truths about hair extensions that need to be made known?

Hair Extensions Can Be Heavy 

Don’t be fooled: this doesn’t automatically mean there will be a ton on your head. This is particularly true for first-timers though: the added weight can make things feel pretty strange. It’s a sensation that can be somewhat reminiscent of having your hair tugged at. Another close feeling would be the way your hair feels at the end of the day after it’s been in a tight ponytail or updo. However, any discomfort that goes into it is absolutely temporary.

Hair Extensions Of High Quality Are Expensive

As it were, the sheer amount of hair extension packs that need to be bought for a full head of hair can add up to hundreds of pounds or Euros. Moreso when buying ones that are of excellent quality. This is why it’s key to ensure that whatever you’re looking into can give excellent value for all the money that will be spent on it. A bonus of getting hair extensions that are rather high-end is also the way that they can be reused. After around two months (anywhere from six to eight weeks) they can be reused again provided they’re maintained well.

Hair Extensions Require Proper Care and Maintenance

By default, a number of extensions have a general lifespan of around six months. Sometimes, they can last for longer than that. However, taking time to actually care for them is vital. They have to be brushed correctly, and any products applied must be done well.

Hair Extension Volume and Length Go Together

This one can be explained best with the use of some imagination. Think about a person whose hair is up to their shoulders. Now add a long strand of extensions, say the previously-mentioned 20 inch ones, but just one. It would definitely go beyond the shoulders, right? That’s not a look, that’s a disaster. One might even call it a rat tail. A full head is necessary, and that usually takes more than just a single pack of extensions. Moreso if the hair in question is pretty thick.


Hair extensions have gone from a rising trend to a fashion staple all over the world. With that popularity, however, comes some serious misconceptions. A number of absolute truths about hair extensions include the fact that they’re not cheap, they need proper care and maintenance, and they can be heavy.

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