What to Know When Using Clip-in Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Everyone is born differently. You won’t have the same face, body, and personality as other people. Even your hair grows differently—and that’s on your genes or the way you take care of your hair as you grow up! Unfortunately, this also means that not everyone is blessed with silky, smooth, and thick hair.

For those who have no choice but to sport their thin hair while still hoping for things to change, one way to acquire the look you’ve always wanted is to use clip-in hair extensions. They can act as a temporary solution for dealing with “barely-there” hair without anyone noticing.

You might be thinking if it will really work, given the condition of your real hair, but so long as you discover the techniques of putting on your extensions, you will achieve a natural look! All it takes is practice and a lot of patience. Keep reading below to find out how to blend your hair extensions and your natural hair to achieve seamless results that will have heads turning!

Learn to Use the Proper Amount of Hair Extensions

The first time you purchase a set of thick clip-in hair extensions, you will acquire a significant amount of extensions to use on your hair. While you may be tempted to use them all at once, you should learn to apply only the right amount to avoid overdoing it to the point that it looks evident that your hair is fake.

If you’re worried about losing your unused extensions, you should store them in a safe place instead. It’s normal to have excess hair extensions because they can serve as your backup if you lose the one you’re wearing and need a replacement!

As much as possible, you should stick to utilising only half of the hair extensions you get from a set. In fact, in most cases, you will require only about two to four wefts to enhance the appearance of your thinning hair. However, it will still come down to how much natural hair you have.  

Advice from a Professional

One way to help you purchase natural hair extensions fit for your hair is first to decide if you desire longer or thicker extensions. Knowing what you want to address from the beginning is crucial to avoid wasting money! Considering the texture of your real hair is important too. That way, you know if the clip-in extensions you’re getting fits your hair well.

Begin from the Bottom of Your Hair and Work Your Way Up

During the process of attaching your hair extensions to your natural hair, you should avoid starting from the topmost part of your head and going downwards. Instead, start by dividing your hair beginning from your ear to allow you to hide the clips better. 

It’s crucial to begin from the bottom if you don’t have thick hair! If you’re going for a natural look, you simply won’t achieve it if you place your hair extensions too high. Learning to use clip-in hair extensions requires skills, but it’s something you will learn to do properly along the way if you’re dedicated to the craft. 

Advice from a Professional

The hair found on the lower region of your head usually stays in place more than the hair on top. When you place the clip-in hair extensions on the bottom portion of your hair, you have more chances of acquiring a natural look without making it obvious that you’re wearing extensions.


It’s never too late for people with thin hair to be who they want to be and look however they want to, starting with achieving thick hair the easy way. Just remember only to use the proper amount of hair extensions and always start from the bottom of your head! If you need help putting on your extensions, you can seek assistance from professional hairstylists to attach them to your head. 

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