Using Hair Extensions Seamlessly for Short Hair—What to Know

At least once in your life, you’ve probably experienced a bad haircut. It happens when a hairstylist ends up cutting your locks shorter than you expected, and now you can’t take it back because it’s a permanent situation.

Luckily, you don’t have to suffer through months of growing your hair out because you can use natural hair extensions to augment your hairstyle. Even though you have short hair, you can still get extensions and seamlessly fix them in place. As you wait for your real hair to become long again, you can rest assured that you can feel confident with the help of hair extensions despite your short hair. 

Keep reading below to find out how to blend your extensions into your hair perfectly. 

Pick Out Thick Hair Extensions

If you want to cover up your short hair, you should make sure to purchase thick clip in human hair extensions. It doesn’t matter if you have naturally thin hair because the thickness of the extensions will allow them to blend into your real hair smoothly.

When it comes to short hair, it usually has noticeable ends that tend to look obvious when using clip in extensions, especially if you own thin ones. If you want to avoid your hair extensions from looking too fake, opt for thick extensions instead.

Blend Hair Colours to Add More Depth

When using hair extensions, as much as possible, you don’t want other people to know that you’re wearing artificial hair. But if your clip in extensions barely have any dimensions and don’t match well with your real hair, it will be obvious.

If you want to blend your short hair with your hair extensions, you should get those that go well with the colours and shades of your natural hair. It’s possible that you’ll be needing two sets of extensions with varying tones because you will have to place them on your hair alternately to create a flawless look. 

Pin Up the Bottom Part of Your Hair

Once you have your thick clip in extensions, you should separate your short hair into sections. Using your fingers or a rattail comb, gather the hair starting from the middle of your ear to your other ear. The hair near your ears are usually the shortest and tend to have plenty of stray hairs poking out.

You can then braid or twist that part of your hair and use bobby pins to secure them against your head. It’s necessary to pin your hair up to allow you to turn them into a secure base where you can clip in your hair extensions, with the first weft placed directly onto the pinned section. 

Combine Your Hair and Extensions

Now that you have the right set of hair extensions, you will need to combine your short hair and your extensions and style them accordingly. It will add the finishing touches to create a seamless way to wear your extensions without worrying about making it too obvious.

One way for your real hair and extensions to flow together is to create curls and waves to tuck away obvious lines. But if you want your hair to look completely straight, you can grab a flat iron and straighten your natural hair and your extensions together to blend them well.


If you’re sporting a bad haircut, or you have short hair and you’re tired of waiting for it to grow back, then you can use clip in hair extensions to solve your problem. Just remember to select thick extensions, blend hair colours, pin the bottom of your hair, and combine your real hair and extensions to create a natural look.

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