What to Consider when Styling Yourself with Hair Extensions

2022 is just around the corner, ready for us to say hello. Despite what anyone else says, it should be the year to execute the dream look that you’ve always had. Whether it regards your face, body or overall appearance, just looking like the version of yourself that you always imagined yourself to be should be manifested and brought to life.

One aspect that can dictate how you present yourself is your hair. It frames your face, and its thickness and sheen can be something that people take to memory. If you’re looking to amplify your appearance, utilising hair extensions and styling them is a pretty good starting step. Continue reading this short guide of what you should consider in the process.

Class of Hair Extension

When recreating your dream look, it’s best to have great natural hair and extensions to work with. If your hair is healthy and well taken care of, that’d be an ideal stepping point. Be sure that it’s in an optimal condition to handle hair extensions that you’re going to work with in the future. When you think that your hair is a tad too frizzy or damaged, treat it first.

Once your natural hair is all good and prepared, let’s talk extensions. Remy human hair extensions are the most recommended class of extensions, utilised by top celebrities and personalities. It’s not tough to see why considering human hair extensions are beautiful when it comes to styling and improving the thickness of your hair. It even looks quite authentic.

Type of Hair Extension

Choosing to get Remy human hair extensions is a wise pick due to the quality that it provides, but the decisions don’t stop there. Extensions can be attached to the hair in various ways, and it’s important to pick which one would be an ideal application for you. If you’re a first-time extension user, be sure to do your research and seek advice from a hairstylist.

Here are the types of hair extensions you can choose from.

  • Clip-In. If you’re looking for the most ideal method of putting on hair extensions for your dream look, clip-in is the simplest. Clip-in hair extensions are quick and easy to apply, with most people learning how to put them on by themselves. Plus, this type of extension does minimal to zero damage to your natural locks after use.
  • Tape-In. Tape-in extensions are somewhat similar to clip-ins in their simplicity, but this requires the use of wide bonds of tape when applying it to your hair. The tape acts as the adhesive between the extensions and your hair, and they can last you a month or two when properly put on.
  • Micro Loop. Micro loop extensions are meticulously designed, featuring the hair extension strands preloaded in a tiny ring. Users would then use this micro ring to loop through their own hair before clamping it in place with hair pliers. This can be quite secure, though the application is more elaborate.
  • Sewn-In. Hair extensions with an existing texture usually come in a sewn-in weave. This option truly offers simplicity if you want to wear cornrow braids or the like, though the styles you can create with these extensions are limited and not customisable.
  • Nano Tip. Nano tip extensions are quite similar to the micro loops, except the strands don’t come preloaded. Instead, the natural hair is placed in the nano ring before any extension strands are applied. A hair plier is also used to secure these into place.
  • Pre-Bonded. Pre-bonded hair extensions are done by a hair professional who fuse them with your natural hair. This application is made with keratin bonds and head application, which can be harsh on the roots and your own strands when it isn’t done right.

Elements of the Look

After you’ve finally chosen the hair extensions you’re going to use for styling yourself, it’s time to get into the intricacies of what kind of look you’re going to go for. Some may have their personal tastes of how they want to look, with some needing a dramatic change while others are just seeking a subtle shift in how their hair looks.

Here are the elements of the look that you should contemplate:

  • Volume. Voluminous hair has always been the trend, and human hair extensions can assist in making your hair look naturally thick. However, how thick you want your hair should be thought through properly. Extensions can be a little weighty, so find a balance between your desired volume and comfort.
  • Highlights. Hair extensions are an ideal opportunity to add highlights to your hair and create a contrast that makes it seem fuller. Some may be a little more dramatic but having the right placement and colour choices that compliment your natural hair colour will surely look stunning. 
  • Length. Hair extensions are a great opportunity for trying out long hair, especially if you’ve been a short hair gal for quite a while now. Try to decide on the number of inches you want to add to your regular hair length. You can also opt for maintaining the length by getting short hair extensions.
  • Style. Does your dream look consist of curly, wavy, or straight hair? Human hair extensions can be ironed for either style, especially with good prep. Decide how you want to look and treat the extensions with the same level as your regular hair.
  • Colour. Colour-matching is quite important when it comes to finalising the hair extensions you’ll use. If you’re not adding any sun-kissed highlights, get a distinct colour that matches your hair so that the extensions are more or less unnoticeable.
  • Ponytail. People may have a ponytail involved in their dream look. It could be a simple high ponytail, braided pigtails, a low bun and more. Use good hair accessories and allow the extensions to amplify the final look.


It can be quite a process to figure out how to maneuver the hair extensions to bring your dream look to life. It can be a bit of a trial and error for many to find what hairstyle speaks to them best. Just keep going, and you’ll surely look fabulous when greeting the New Year.

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