What You Need to Know About Colouring Hair Extensions

Whenever you’re going through something or nothing at all, there’s a high possibility of experiencing “the itch”. What is this itch, you might ask? The itch for something new and different—either a significant change or a throwback to something from the past. Some people underestimate the power of a good hair day, but good hair can work wonders for others.

Now, as mentioned, you might be itching for a change because you’re going through something or you’re bored. Whatever your reasons are, there’s never a wrong reason to shake things up. In the past, change was a lot scarier. It took conviction, commitment, and a little bit of bravery. Today, you just need some high-quality hair extensions, wigs, and the like. 

Wigs and extensions already give you a lot to play with. You can style and cut it however you want. But one thing you might be wondering is whether it’s safe to colour? The simple answer is yes! For the most part, you can do pretty much anything you want with your extensions. But if you want it to last long and maintain its quality, you’ve got to be careful.

You have the power to change it up whenever you want without the hassle and risk of stressing out your natural hair too much. However, just because your extensions give you more room to play with your hair doesn’t mean you should just use and abuse the beautiful clip-on locks. There is a right way and a wrong way to style and colour your extensions.

In this article, we will discuss the dos and don’ts of colouring your extensions. 

Here’s everything you need to know:

What You Should Do

Go Darker

Whatever colour your hair extensions are, the best and safest thing you can do is go darker. If you are looking to go lighter or use your extensions to add highlights, you might be better off buying a separate, lighter set. Now, this doesn’t mean that extensions can’t be bleached. 

Provided that it’s 100 per cent natural hair, it should colour and bleach just like regular hair. The problem lies in the possible damage it might cause to the extensions. Bleach can permanently alter the strength and quality of your extensions. So, if you have any plans of colouring your extensions, it’s best to go darker. 

Consult with a Professional

High-quality extensions are made of 100 per cent natural and virgin hair. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t take colour well. However, even though professionals and online tutorials make it look easy, beginner and first-time users probably shouldn’t colour the extensions just yet. Before you do anything, make sure to consult with a professional.

Even people with experience make mistakes with their hair. Colouring your hair isn’t rocket science. It can seem that way when you’re just starting. Don’t risk damaging your beautiful hair and extensions when you can always just ask for help. You can still do it at home yourself if you want, but at the very least, try to consult with someone.

Maintain a Moisturising Routine

 Hair extensions are a great way to diversify your look and change things up. It can enhance your hair or make it look completely different, depending on how you style it. But to look great with extensions, your extensions have to look good as well. 

Moisturising your hair is essential to healthy and great looking hair. However, colour-treated hair will need some extra TLC. Make sure to wash, shampoo, and condition your extensions regularly. Care for it the same way you do for the hair on your head. Use sulfate-free and other moisturising products.

What You Should Not Do

Use Over-the-Counter Products

When it comes to maintaining good hair, you need high-quality products, but that doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Plenty of people make the mistake of using the cheapest products available for their hair. Now, while there are plenty of high-quality and affordable products, it takes some research and trial and error to find them.

The last thing you should do when dyeing your hair extensions is go for the cheapest stuff. The hair on your head has the luxury to grow out of damage and dryness. The same can’t be said for your extensions. Once you colour them with low-quality hair dye, it’ll be next to impossible to return them to their original quality. 

 Dye the Whole Set Together

It takes some skill, finesse, and great patience to colour hair extensions. The same goes for your actual hair. The difference is that you can just go ahead and do your head in one afternoon. With extensions, you’re going to have to be meticulous. You should never attempt to colour an entire set together.

While you have the advantage of avoiding the awkward positions and angles that dyeing your hair entails, you still have to be careful with your extensions. They can get tangled or dye unevenly. Take your time to apply the colour to each section carefully. This will help ensure that the colour is correct and even throughout the entire set.

Over-Wash the Hair

Another common mistake that people make with both their hair and hair extensions is might be overwashing. Yes, there is such a thing. When it comes to colour-treated hair, it’s even more important to give it a break from products and not wash it too often. Washing not only strips the hair of its moisture, but it can also affect the colour. 

The best schedule would be to wash about every other day or every three days instead. Your natural hair will thank you. Meanwhile, the colour and quality of your extensions will last longer. If you’re worried about hygiene, consider using dry shampoo. The best ones can easily compensate for the lack of a shower for at least three to five days. 

The Bottom Line

Hair extensions are a great way to enhance your current look and something special to your hair. But if we’re being honest, even the best extensions can start to look dull over time. Well, you don’t have to stick with the regular browns, blondes, and so on. It’s perfectly safe and okay to colour your extensions. 

Just be sure to consult with a professional on the best colours, products, and techniques you can use. Of course, it should also be a given that you buy high quality and 100 per cent natural extensions. The quality of synthetic can be a hit or miss already, but colouring them is out of the question.

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