What You Need to Know About Having Your Own Hair Extensions

There are plenty of ways to style your hair. Whether you like it short or long or you want to keep your natural hair colour or go bold and dye your hair a completely different one, the possibilities are endless.

But if you’re unsure how you want your hairstyle to be because you’ve never tried cutting your hair or growing it out, but you want to see how it looks on you, you could opt for hair extensions. It’s a temporary solution that lets you know if you look good with the new haircut you wish to have.

Using hair extensions is perfect if you’ve got an upcoming event and you want to put on a unique look, or you simply wish to switch things up because you’re getting tired of your old one. Keep reading below to find out things to know about getting hair extensions and why it’s time for you to give in and try it.

Should You Get Hair Extensions?

All trends, no matter what things are involved, don’t quite last forever because there will always come a time where something new arrives that people believe to be much better. The same goes for hairstyles and haircuts. Straight, curly, or wavy hair go through fads too, and so do different hair colours.

If you frequently go to the salon and you’ve been spending a good deal of money each time, you could take a break from your hair appointments and use natural hair extensions instead. They’re more affordable and offer plenty of benefits, such as letting you choose the style, length, and colour you want.

Hair extensions are great if you constantly have a hard time deciding what you want to do with your hair. It can give you long hair instantly without spending months on end waiting for your hair to grow back after getting a haircut you didn’t end up liking. Moreover, if you often attend parties and you want to look different this time around, putting on hair extensions can change everything. 

How to Maintain Your Hair Extensions

Similar to how you take care of your real hair every day, you should also learn to manage your extensions to keep them in good condition and let you use them for a longer period. If you own good clip in hair extensions, after you’ve used them six to eight times already, you should wash them and apply sulfate-free hair products to keep them clean and ready for your next use.

Rather than incorporate a hairdryer, you only have to use a towel and air dry your hair extensions to avoid letting the heat damage them too much. Once your extensions are finally dry, you can comb them to remove the tangles the same way you do with your natural hair.

But if you’re planning to straighten or curl your hair extensions, they must be completely dry before you begin working with your curling iron or hair straightener. Unfortunately, if you own keratin or tape hair extensions, you cannot apply the heat styling tools directly, or you will ruin them. 


Getting thick clip in human hair extensions is also considered an investment because not only does it give you a better look, but your natural hair will thank you for it. Since you don’t have to visit the salon often to undergo appointments, you can also save a lot of money. Buying hair extensions helps you achieve the look you want without relying on permanent solutions. However, keep in mind that you have to take care of your hair extensions properly to make them last for a long time.

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