What You Need to Know About the Lifespan of Hair Extensions

A question that is often asked about people who get 20-inch hair extensions (and any length, in general) is just how long the extensions will last in the first place. At the bare minimum, human hair extensions have a lifespan that is entirely dependent on you. How will you care for them throughout your usage? What kind of products will you be using on them? If you have clip-in extensions, there’s also the added question of just how often you end up wearing them.

Duration Will Vary

Did you get something from the Indian hair range? If so, looking after them the right way through the use of our aftercare means that you’ll get around 3-6 months out of it. With the Russian hair, you’d get a bit more longevity: 9 months all the way up to a whole year. Again, it should be noted that this is entirely dependent on how you take care of them. Of course, what you do and what the hair is exposed to in your day-to-day life also count towards just how long your natural hair extensions will last.

A really good way to have your professional hair extensions look great and last a long time is to apply heat correctly. That’s right; human hair extensions actually require a certain amount of heat, like straightening and blow-drying. This serves to close the cuticle layer, which does a world of good and keeps the hair from developing a velcro look and feel. 

Unfortunately, a widely common misconception claims that hair extensions get damaged when heat becomes involved. The exact opposite is true; the best possible way to keep your extensions in their best shape is using heat and foregoing the impulse to air-dry them. 

A good way to assess your actual expectations with your hair extension’s lifespan is to take an honest, good look at the lifestyle you lead. If you regularly go to the gym, wear a helmet for sports or vehicular use and use a sunbed for tanning, you run the risk of encountering issues with your hair extensions.

Getting hair extensions actually counts as a lifestyle choice. However, if you live a lifestyle that may seem counterproductive to having hair extensions, there is still hope. You don’t have to forego wearing hair extensions altogether; you just have to make adjustments so you can ensure that your hair extensions get the care they deserve. 

For example, if you’re going on a beach holiday, plan smartly. Wear a hat and get aftercare products that can help support your hair and allow it to withstand those conditions.


Hair extensions are a great addition to your crowning glory both as a fashionable choice and even to boost one’s confidence. Taking the best care of them will ensure that their lifespan will be prolonged and serve their purpose right. They are an investment, yes, but the rewards of looking and feeling fantastic with them are priceless.

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