Thin Hair? Here’s Why Clip-in Extensions Are Perfect For You

There are various reasons why one could have thin hair. It could be that the person is genetically predisposed to fine strands, which makes hair look thin. Ageing, the overuse of relaxers, and specific weaving techniques for hair extensions could also lead to hair thinning. 

For people who constantly get hair weaves, clip-in hair extensions are a great alternative. Hair weaving could use tape, glue, or adhesives for attaching extensions to the hair, or it could also use thread to sew tracks into braids on the head. Techniques like these enable the hair to attach and hold fast to the head, but they could damage thin hair easily. Improper installation or removal of hair glue or tape can cause hair loss, while the weight of sewed-in extensions can cause strands to break away from the hair roots. 

In contrast, clip-in hair extensions do not need securing to the head, nor do they need particular products for removing. You can wear this type of hair extension however you want, and they provide flexibility and a wider variety of styling options for people with thin hair. Here are some more reasons people with thin hair would benefit from switching to using this type of hair extension.

You Can Easily Remove Clip-in Extensions

Usually, professional hairstylists install weaves, and these remain in place from four to six weeks, depending on the weaving technique or the hairstyle. Meanwhile, you can install and remove clip-in extensions every day, and you can decide how long you want it to stay on. This ability to remove or install these extensions makes them an excellent option for people with thin hair. People with thin hair could suffer damage because of the stress that weaving techniques could place on their hair, and clip-in extensions do not put the hair under that kind of stress.

They Are Available In Various Weights

Manufacturers typically represent hair extensions like these in grams. For example, 100-gram extensions have individual strand measurements of one gram per strand. Hair extensions of this weight or whose strand measurements are between less than a gram to one gram are lightweight, making them perfect for individuals with thin hair. Since these extensions are thin, they are easier to blend in with naturally fine hair strands.

Meanwhile, people with thin hair should avoid clip-in extensions that weigh 120 grams or more. They should also stay away from variants with thick, heavy strands of hair. This type does not blend in as readily as the more lightweight variants.

You Can Layer Clip-in Extensions

Another good thing about clip-in extensions is that you can use as many as you need to create hairstyles. Adding only a few clips will help your hair appear thicker while adding plenty will give it a fuller appearance.


Clip-in hair extensions are the perfect styling solution for people with thin or naturally fine hair. If you want to have more volume in your hairstyles but have very fine strands, using these extensions will help you achieve the hairstyles you want.

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