Why Following a Hair Care Routine Is Essential – Our Guide

Truth be told, it’s easy to take your locks for granted with constant heating and styling, harsh products, and rough treatment. While there’s some truth to letting your hair grow back to compensate for the damage, keeping up those bad habits will be harmful in the long run. Just like with skin, prevention is key, and hair deserves the right nourishment and care. This is especially true if you have colour treated hair or natural hair extensions, which are delicate and need their own type of regimen to remain in good shape.

Here are two common hair problems that can be resolved with the right type of hair routine:

1. Dry Hair

When you touch your hair, you hope to feel soft, silky, and smooth locks. If this doesn’t sound like your hair, then essential to keep it as healthy as possible early on. Just like extensions, your hair’s oil needs to be carefully balanced. If you over-strip it using the wrong shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks, you could take all the necessary moisture out of your strands, leaving them brittle and dry. Using hot styling tools like the blow dryer, curling iron, or straightener, also contributes to dry and brittle hair. 

If you want to keep your hair in good shape, be sure to wash and condition as infrequently as possible. While this seems like a recipe for a head full of grease, over time, your scalp will learn how to restore its natural moisture levels to prevent excessive dryness or oiliness. Similarly, you should use a sulfate-free moisturising shampoo and conditioner to prevent the total stripping of moisture from your strands, and always use an effective heat protectant spray before styling your hair with hot tools. 

2. Extensive Hair Fall

Hair fall can be distressing to experience, especially if you already have thin hair. While many supplements and products can aid in the regrowth of your hair, it’s best to avoid bad habits that are causing permanent hair loss in the first place. Constantly twisting and winding your hair into tight ponytails or braids can damage your hair follicles and cause them to stop growing hair at all. 

If you really love the look of a ponytail but don’t want to suffer the consequences of hair loss, then a human hair ponytail extension might be the best solution for you. Ultimately, it puts less pressure on your hair and scalp than using your natural hair to wind up into a tight up-do, along with using the right products in your hair care regimen. 

Using Hair Extensions to Avoid Damage

Hair extensions are great for making your hair look more polished, voluminous, and healthier overall. While caring for them is also necessary, they can give you many more options if you want to style your hair differently. There are ponytail hair extensions and even 20-inch hair extensions that can make your hair look longer and stronger. Instead of constantly taking heat styling tools to your hair, you can do the majority of styling on the hair extensions to avoid damage to your natural hair – the possibilities are endless!

If you want to keep your extensions looking healthy and use them for longer, ensure that you wash, brush, and moisturise them regularly. Just like your natural hair, try not to lather your shampoo in the hair using rough motions. Instead, focus on the scalp and let it clean the strands as the water rinses everything off. After drying gently, apply a hair oil lightly on the extensions and store them properly in a cool, dry place. 


Your hair might seem like something that can maintain itself, but just like the other parts of your body, it needs the right type of nourishment and care to look and feel its best. Protecting your hair from different forms of damage can be done by having the right routine to keep your locks well moisturised and protected. With proactive prevention and regular maintenance, you’ll look your best with soft, shiny, luscious hair!

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