Why Hair Extensions Get Tangled and How To Prevent It

Human hair gets tangled every time, and sometimes it could be an annoying situation to have! If you add hair extensions to your natural hair, would it make the tangling worse? 

This question is one of the most frequently asked questions about hair extensions. That is why we developed an article that is solely dedicated to answering that question! Here is what you should know about hair extensions and tangles.  

Do Hair Extensions Tangle?

The simple answer is yes; they do! 

Hair extensions, regardless of their material, are all made to look like natural hair—and tangling is, unfortunately, only a normal consequence of regular usage. Just like human hair, they can get tangled at any time. In fact, you should expect it to shed a bit too! 

The more you use and style it, the higher the chance for it to get worn out over time. 

What Causes It to Shed and Tangle?

Here are the common reasons for this type of problem:

You fail to brush your extensions regularly

It is natural for a human to sweat after the whole day of wearing the extensions. Sweat is naturally salty and acidic, and it could drive a chemical reaction to the hair extensions. When the back and nape are full of sweat—and when combined with the heat and the friction—your hair extensions would end up drier than usual! You can avoid this by continuously brushing your hair. 

The weather is too dry

When the weather in your location gets too dry, the environment will compensate by increasing the humidity level. That could cause your hair extensions to frizz up, making them tangled! Anything too much, especially when in terms of weather, could trigger a reaction from your hair extensions. When the weather is too hot, it could dry out your hair, just like how natural hair reacts to the temperature!

How to Avoid This Problem

If you want smoother and tangle-free hair extensions, here are some things you can do:

1: Always Keep Your Hair Moisturized

If you notice that your hair is starting to dry up, make sure you are ready with your hair moisturisers. Keep in mind that hair extensions are not real hair. They cannot provide natural hydration to each strand—which is why you should take the time to keep it nourished!

Make sure you have argan oil, a lightweight oil, or water-based hair serum at home. Apply this midshaft of your hair down to the ends of your hair at least once a week. Then brush it right after to ensure equal distribution of the product. 

2: Choose the Right Hair Products

What you use in your natural hair and in washing your hair extensions could also affect its quality. Make sure that you choose products that are specially formulated for dry and damaged hair. That could help keep each strand of hair healthier and more moisturised. 

When buying products, choose those with ingredients such as coconut oil, argan oil, or castor oil. Avoid products infused with alcohol or sulfate, as they can degrade your extensions’ quality. 


It is only normal for natural hair and hair extensions to get dry, brittle, and tangled. Fortunately, there are simple ways you can follow in order to prolong the quality of your hair extensions and ensure they are in good condition all the time! Proper hair care and the right product choices could help you achieve your goal—but buying quality hair extensions from the start could also guarantee a better experience for you in the long run!.

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