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hair 16/05/2022

Ranking the Best and Worst Products for Your Hair Extensions

Every woman wants her hair to look its best, and adding hair extensions can be a great way to do just that. However, keeping these expensive, natural fibres healthy and beautiful can become a serious challenge. For hair extensions, your main goal should be to keep them soft, glossy, and full. To make the most of your hair extensions, use these tips on some of the best and worst products to use when taking care of your new tresses. The Worst Products to Use on Your Hair Extensions There are... Read More

woman attaching hair extensions 11/05/2022

The Best Hair Extensions for Fine, Thin Hair & What to Avoid

Hair extensions are a great option for women who feel the need to thicken up their hair. However, if you have fine, thin hair that is prone to damage, you might want to consider some of these best options for less damaging hair extensions for your hair type. Thin, Fine Hair: What is It? Fine, thin hair is typically very light in colour and also has very little texture. It is prone to breakage, especially at the top and the bottom of the strands. This breakage can be referred to... Read More

long hair 02/05/2022

How to Add Volume to Your Hair with Foxy Locks Hair Extensions

Ever wondered how celebrities go from looking like one thing to looking like another in a matter of hours? Hair extensions! Those long, thick braids? Those voluminous lobs? Those fabulous curls that never fall out? Hair extensions are strategically placed to add thickness and volume.  How Hair Extensions Can Add Volume to Your Hair It’s easy to see why hair extensions are the go-to option for celebrities, models, and ordinary women alike. The secret to their luscious locks is all in the hair extensions. Hair extensions can add volume to... Read More

ponytail 25/04/2022

What You Need to Know About Getting Ponytail Extensions

Becoming a professional hairstylist requires years of schooling and experience because different kinds of clients want different things. Even as the client, it’s important to know whether you like high, low, middle, or updo ponies. To begin, you must map out the head where the ponytails will be placed. Any place where you apply the extensions must have enough space for them, otherwise, you may end up with a bad cut that could take months to fix. Different Kinds of Ponytail Styles There are three general kinds of ponytails that... Read More

hair 18/04/2022

Hair Extensions—Tops Reasons Why You Should Try Them!

Hair extensions have been really popular for a long time. There are many reasons for this growing popularity, but one of the biggest reasons is that it helps women gain more control over their hair. Women can choose the kinds of hairstyles they want to have and when they want to wear them. This is especially popular in Hollywood, where celebrities and stylists often use hair extensions to get the perfect look they desire. Other women have also used hair extensions to have a hairstyle that they would otherwise not... Read More

curly hair 11/04/2022

11 Expert Tips on Taking Care of Curly Hair Extensions

Do you want a fantastic curly hairdo that is both gorgeous and long-lasting? We will share five principles and ideas for taking care of curly hair extensions. After you have purchased a high-quality curly hair extension, you must pay close attention to its maintenance. Since curly hair extensions are high maintenance, they require a good care regimen to keep the texture and curls intact. What Should You Think About Before Getting Curly Hair Extensions? Before getting extensions, you should think about your curl pattern, density, and length. Identifying your curl... Read More

long hair tied back 04/04/2022

Hair Extensions During Spring: Everything You Need to Know

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities, such as swimming and basking in the sun. It’s also a dry time of year when hair extensions tend to dry out. Considering this, you’ll want to make sure that you’re doing all you can to take care of your hair extensions. This is why we thought it would be useful to put together a brief article discussing this subject. Today, we’ll be discussing everything from hair extension maintenance to proper storage methods. If this is something that you’re interested in... Read More

hair 30/03/2022

Your Guide to Quick and Classic Styles for Hair Extensions

There’s no doubt about it—hair extensions are a godsend for women who always want that hair upgrade. Suppose you wish to change your hairstyle for a special occasion or everyday usage. In that case, hair extensions offer the ideal solution. Hair extensions are no longer just for elegant and glamorous looks. They are now available in different types and qualities.  The good news is that the price of hair extensions has also gone down over the years. You can now get a set of 100% human hair extensions for more... Read More

blonde hair 28/03/2022

9 Tips on Taking Care of Your Blonde Hair Extensions

There’s a long-standing debate of whether brunettes are better than blondes. Regardless of the argument, though, it’s undeniable that blonde hair extensions can be such a versatile product. Some people use it as a highlight for their darker hair or as a natural addition to their already crowning glory.  However, to make sure your hair extensions last as long as possible and that you keep looking as fabulous as you do, taking care of them is a must. Blonde hair extensions are a bit more fragile than other kinds of... Read More

hair curling 23/03/2022

How to Curl Your Hair Extensions in Different Styles

Having hair extensions is a great way to add length and volume to your hair. And while wearing them as they are is fine, sometimes, you just want to try different styles. Luckily, you can style your hair extensions to achieve different types of curls. What Are the Different Types of Curls? The starting point to determine the type of curls you want to achieve is to know what type of curls you want. The truth is, there are limitless options. However, the most popular curls fall under the following... Read More