5 Tips to Colour-Match Your Extensions and Your Natural Hair

Hair extensions can make your locks look thicker and fuller, transforming you into a red-carpet celebrity after application. However, some mistakes arise, and people tend to notice when something doesn’t look right. Some strands look too dark, and it just destroys the illusion of the style you were going for.

To avoid having oddly hued tufts that stand out too much from your natural hair, matching colours is a must. It takes a sharp eye to find the perfect shade that will bring out a seamless finish in your hair. Read the tips below to help you with your colour-matching journey.

Identify Your Colour Family

Determine whether your hair is blonde, brunette, black or red. Try not to rely on photos as they can inaccurately capture the colour of your hair. It’s best to get a mirror and identify it in person. Ask friends if you feel uncertain about it.

Hair extensions usually work on a 10-colour level spectrum. Level 1 is black, 2-4 is brown, 5 is a deep auburn, 6-10 is blonde. There are several undertones available on the market to get you your perfect match.

Check the Roots to the Tips

Naturally, your hair roots will appear darker than the rest of your hair. Hair extensions are best matched to your mid-length hair colour due to their general placement. If you get hair extensions that seem a tone lighter, it can pass off as highlights.

If you happen to have actual highlights in your hair, they are specially made hair extensions. This can vary from highlighted strands, ombre hair, rooted, balayage and more. Acquiring hair extensions that are coloured and styled similarly to yours will reduce any discrepancies in your hairstyle.

Ask for Testers

Some companies that offer hair extensions may provide or sell samples. Several strands of a commercial set would be shipped out for you to test. You can hold the hair extension up to your hair and check if they have the same shade. 

Try to get multiple samples so you can deduce what seems to be too light and what looks too dark. If you can’t get your hands on any testers, a colour ring is a great alternative. You can check multiple swatches of various hair extensions through the colour ring to know the proper product label to order. 

Blend Multiple Tones

Your hair can look different at first glance, and when you have a closer study. When you have different tones and levels in your natural hair, the solution is to blend in various styles of extensions. A blend of extensions will better match the colour dimension of your hair and appear more natural.

Bring Human Remy Hair Extensions

If you have dyed hair, you may run into a small problem as hair extensions are predominantly neutral. Coloured hair extensions are usually too solid and are too synthetic. Luckily, virgin human hair extensions such as Remy hair can be styled and dyed to a perfect colour. Bring a set to a hairstylist so they can colour it to match your current hair.


Finding the closest hair extension colour to yours can take a bit of time, but you’ll save more money when you’re meticulous the first time. It’s worth it when you get extensions applied and take a peek at the mirror. You’ll be looking flawless without a single ruly strand.

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