7 Tips To Keep Wearing Your Hair Extensions With Style

Hair extensions allow you to explore more hairstyles than you usually sport, and they make experimenting with various looks fun and easy. Whether you want to add volume or length to your mane, hair extensions can achieve it in the most natural way possible. However, you need to make sure you use the best quality hair extensions and that they are seamless by ensuring they are in the best condition. 

Here are some tips and tricks on how to maintain a gorgeous hairstyle using your extensions.

#1. Wash Your Extensions and Store Them Properly

The first and most important tip of all is to keep your extensions clean and fresh all the time. Remember that dust, oil, debris, and styling products can build up in them. If you want a gorgeous hairstyle, wash your extensions regularly. Make sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and avoid hot water to prevent damaging the product. 

Properly storing your hair extensions can also keep them looking great for a long time. Dedicate a dresser drawer or buy a storage pouch for your storage options.

#2. Always Air-Dry Your Hair Extensions

When drying your hair extensions, avoid using heat as much as possible. Using blow dryers can already damage real hair; how much more when used for hair extensions? Extreme heat can cause synthetic hair to melt. If you really need to speed up the drying process, you can use a hairdryer but keep the heat settings off. Also, make sure not to brush it until it is 90 per cent dry. Extensions are at their weakest when wet.

#3. Use the Correct Brush When Styling It

There are special hair brushes dedicated to hair extensions. They have little looped nylon bristles at the end that will prevent you from accidentally pulling out your extensions. Detangle brushes are also perfect for clip-ins, wigs, weaves, and extensions. They gently remove tangles from your extensions without damaging them.

#4. When Sleeping With Extensions, Put Them in a Braid or Ponytail

Hair extensions are not like your hair. They do not absorb oil, making them quickly get entangled. The best way to keep your clip-in ponytail extension in good shape if you wear it as you sleep is to wear it in a braid or a ponytail. It will prevent your hair extensions from getting damaged. 

#5. Braid Your Hair Before You Add Your Hair Extensions

If you have short hair and use hair extensions to make it appear longer, you should braid your natural hair first before putting on your extensions. Short hair tends to push out from hair extensions. Braiding your hair and using bobby pins can help keep it in place. It also makes your extensions look more natural. 

#6. Style Your Extensions Before You Put Them In

It takes experience to style your extensions while wearing them, so unless you are a pro who has mastered it already, styling your extensions on a hair extension hanger will be much easier. It is a hack that can bring a significant change to your routine.  

#7. For Ponytails: Attach Your Hair Extensions Upside Down

The secret to achieving a natural ponytail that does not create a bump is by attaching the extension upside down. That will keep the hair flat as you style your ponytail or other updos. It will also help make your hair extensions blend well with your natural hair.  


Hair extensions can add glamour to your ordinary hairstyle, but only if you know how to take care of them or wear them correctly. With proper care and attention, you can make the most out of your hair investment. 

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