Hair Extensions: The Different Types and How Long They Last

If you want to change your look right away without having to commit to a haircut and colour, hair extensions are your best bet. They come in different colours, lengths and types so that you can find the perfect tone that fits your style and personality. 

Thankfully, there are natural hair extensions in the market today, such as Foxy Locks, that boast of excellent quality, making your hair extensions blend beautifully with your natural hair and give that added volume, boost and glamour that you need. 

Because there are many types to choose from, here are some of the types of hair extensions that you need to know to find one that’s best for you. Besides that, we’ll dive into ways you can have them treated and how long they can last. Let’s begin!

Fusion and pre-bonded hair extensions

Fusion hair extensions are also known as bonding or pre-bonded hair extensions. This type of extension is fused with natural hair using various adhesives to glue them into place. When you apply pre-bonded hair extensions, it could take about 3-4 hours to apply and should be done by a hairdresser.

Treatment and lifespan

You’ll be surprised to know that the way to treat fusion or pre-bonded hair is the same way you would manage and maintain natural and real hair. You can even use the same products you use daily. However, you should know that fusion extensions may need to be repositioned every 2-3 months as your hair grows. 

Fusion hair extensions are considered semi-permanent and could stay in your hair for 4 months. However, this will still vary on your hair type and speed of growth. 

Microlink hair extensions

Microlink, micro bead or micro loop hair extensions are applied by joining tiny wefts of hair to small sections of your natural hair using a small silicone-lined bead. After that, a unique tool is used to secure the bead into your hair, tightening and holding it into place. 

Fortunately, this type of hair extensions doesn’t need to use glue to stick to your hair. However, a professional must do this to avoid any hair damage. This is because if you don’t do it properly, the beads may be too tight and might cause pressure to your hair and roots. 

Treatment and lifespan

Just like your natural hair, you can wash and use the same products for this as well. And just like fusion hair extensions, you’ll need to reposition your wefts every 2-3 months and can last up to 4 months with proper maintenance. 

Wigs and hairpieces

Wigs are made to cover your entire head and can act as a replacement for your hair. This is most commonly used for those experiencing immense hair loss, balding or if you want to change up your look completely. On the other hand, hairpieces can come in the form of a bun, ponytail extensions or hair tie so you can place them easily on top of your hair.

Treatment and lifespan

Wigs and hairpieces are quite tricky to manage, and for this reason, you must only purchase high-quality and natural hair extensions so that maintenance will be more forgiving. Besides that, natural wigs and extensions can last up to a year with proper treatment and care. 


If you want to change your look completely, whether it be for a few months or just for the night, natural hair extensions are your best bet. With proper application and maintenance, you’ll keep your extensions looking great, making you rock every look with much glamour and confidence. 

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