How to Choose the Best False Lashes for Your Eye Shape – Our Guide

There are various types of false eyelashes today, which could be intimidating to someone just starting with them. Some false lashes rest thick against your natural ones, while others must be applied individually. There are strip lashes and lash extensions made from synthetic material, while others that are from animal hair.

Whether you prefer pricey, mink lashes, individually-applied extensions, or go the affordable route with silk falsies, you must shop for lashes based on your eye shape. If you don’t, you might not maximise the benefits of your falsies. Here are some tips to help you figure out which type of lashes to get for your eye shape.

Almond- and round-shaped eyes

If your eyes are wider in the centre and have pointed outer corners, they are almond-shaped. This type of eye can use almost all kinds of lashes, though evenly-distributed ones are the best choice since they show off the shape of the eyes very well. 

Meanwhile, round eyes are large and have a lot of space in between the lids and the irises. For these eyes, curled lashes are the best. Avoid voluminous styles or ones that have a consistent weight throughout. Instead, choose ones that are wispy in the inner corners and thick at the ends; these elongate the eyes.

Mono-lidded and hooded eyes

Your eyes are hooded if you have hidden upper eyelids, and for this shape, fluttery lashes are the best. For hooded eyes, you want to make the irises look brighter, which you might not achieve with long and thick strip lashes. Hooded eyes need short, natural-looking types with longer centre lashes; this creates depth.

People with monolids have a related challenge to those with hooded eyes. Though the goal is to make the iris appear brighter, you achieve this in different ways. Feathery lashes with crisscrossed layers are best for mono-lidded individuals. Go short and curled, to give height to the eyes.

Close-set, deep-set, and prominent eyes

When you have close-set eyes, you must balance out the look by concentrating lashes on the outer corners. Doing this will make the eyes appear further apart. If your eyes are deep-set, you can complement your brow bone if you go for dramatic extensions. If your eyes are prominent, choose more delicate, smaller lashes to reduce the definition.

Upturned and downturned eyes

If your eyes are upturned, you can enhance their shape using styles that have length and volume on the other corners. For downturned eyes, winged, pre-packaged lash extensions with plenty of volume towards the end will also help lift the corners and balance the lines of the face.

Tips for applying and removing

A new package of false eyelashes will feel stiff at times. When opening a new set, remove the lash strip and wiggle it to produce a bend. If it still feels rigid, wrap it around a brush handle or your finger. 

When taking lashes off, avoid oil-based removers; this type of product makes it more challenging to put the lashes on again. Remove residual glue using tweezers and clean lashes with an eye makeup remover. Keep your lashes in a clean plastic container, or the lash case provided.


False eyelashes are not intimidating once you get the hang of them. They add a touch of glamour and complete any look. Whether you reserve falsies for special occasions or are a more regular user, these tips for selecting lashes will help you enhance your eye makeup game.

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