Remy Clip-In Hair Extensions: Facts You Need to Know

Remy hair is a type of human hair collected from the head in a way that preserves the natural direction in which it grows. Hair is incredibly soft, shiny, and free of tangles. 

Remy hair is often used in high-quality wigs and extensions, providing a natural look and feel.

Remy hair is different from non-Remy hair in a few key ways. First, the cuticles of Remy hair are all aligned in the same direction. This alignment helps to keep the hair from tangling. 

Second, Remy clip-in hair extensions are often treated with a process called “double-drawn,” which means that all of the shorter hairs are removed. This results in a head of hair mostly made up of long, strong strands.

What Precisely Is Remy Hair?

What is the significance of the name Remy Hair? Remy human hair is produced using a technique that protects human hair, maintaining its brilliant colour and glossy, silky texture. When making our the best hair extensions, it’s best to exclusively use 100% Remy hair.

Remy human hair is the best hair type for extensions, but why? When purchasing hair extensions, it would help to look for hair that closely resembles your own hair. They won’t match your hair colour if they don’t.

Since Remy hair is made from real human hair, it mimics your hair. It will look fantastic with your hair. Especially when compared to artificial hair, which is challenging to incorporate (although the technology is coming along fast).

Remy Human Hair is also incredibly smooth, strong, and manageable. As a result, you may treat it like your own hair. 

Use hot styling products without damaging the extensions, unlike cheap hair, which is easily damaged when styling or washing.

Do Strands of Remy Hair Shed or Fall Out?

No, not like your fluffy cat or your retro-style shaggy carpeting. Our Remy human hair products do not shed. 

However, the hair is astonishingly well-anchored due to our well-stitched wefts. The only exception is a few stray hairs. That, however, is anticipated. You may occasionally find a few stray hairs, even in your natural hair. However, shedding should never be excessive.

Shedding is not a problem, regardless of whether you have Remy or non-Remy hair. More importantly, consider the level of craftsmanship. Wefts that are sewn properly don’t shed a lot of material.

Is It Possible To Wash Remy Hair Extensions?

Yes. Like your natural hair, your Remy Human Hair Extensions may be washed with shampoo and conditioner. It’s best to use specialised extensions shampoo & conditioner on your Remy Hair Extensions.

It’s not necessary to wash your hair extensions regularly, though. It would help if you only spritzed your Remy Extensions with water when you first get them, right before you put them on for the first time.

Because they are factory straightened when you acquire them, wetting our Remy Hair Extensions will help them absorb moisture and restore their natural volume.

After that, you ought to clean your extensions every three months. This will make them last longer.

Is It Okay To Use Hairspray and Other Style Products On Remy Hair?

You could. You don’t need to, though. When you curl the extension instead of your natural hair, the curls won’t lose their hold as quickly.

You can choose to spray hairspray on your natural hair if required before inserting the hair. Also, remember that utilising Remy products will necessitate more regular cleaning. Additionally, cleaning the extensions too frequently could shorten its lifespan.

Furthermore, you must never style over flammable hairspray applied to your extension for obvious reasons.

Where Is The Origin of Remy Hair?

Originally? In India, Remy hair first appeared. The market for hair extensions has grown over time, nevertheless. Remy discusses the current method of hair preservation.

But what about the hair? Its scope and origin are both worldwide. The majority of hair still comes from India. But now, a considerable proportion of hair is sourced from China, Russia, Eastern Europe, other areas in Asia, and more.

Discover more about the history of hair extensions.

How Much Does Remy Hair Cost?

Remy hair costs vary depending on the supplier. Many factors have a role in this. Including:

  • The thickness of the hair extension.
  • The length of your hair.
  • The grade of the Remy hair and whether it has been combined with anything (which is sadly often the case).
  • The level of craftsmanship or the embroidery, for instance.
  • The amount that the store can buy.

Therefore, there is a large variety in prices. So that you know, though:

Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is the best hair. However, the cost is substantial, like $1,200-priced virgin hair extensions. Furthermore, despite its efficiency and excellent quality, this hair material is significantly more expensive than similar products.


You are familiar with Remy’s circumstances by this point. It produces top-notch hair products. Why is it so popular? In terms of value for the money, Remy comes out on top with a significant margin.

Regular Human Hair

This hair is sourced from Asian hair salon floors that have been swept up, drains, and hair brushes. It is less expensive than Remy hair. Additionally, it seems more affordable. It just lasts a short while. It continues to become knotted then! 

Synthetic Hair

Plastic or synthetic hair. I’m convinced that synthetic keratin hair made in factories will eventually replace human hair in hair extensions, even though these fibers get better every year.

Why? Because the demand for hair extensions will eventually outpace the availability of raw materials in the hair business. That time will come.

However, synthetic hair isn’t yet performing well enough to warrant frequent use or purchase. They don’t match well and are tough to style.

I believe the synthetic hair industry will make some incredible strides to make it better than virgin and Remy hair. But that day is not today.

Reasons Why Remy Hair Extensions Are the Best

On Remy hair extensions, each cuticle is painstakingly examined by hand to ensure that it flows uniformly. When the cuticles are aligned, Remy hair extensions are better than other human hair extensions for the following five reasons:

No Ties

Cheap hair extensions come with some serious issues. What is the biggest complaint of most consumers? Tangles. The hair cuticles are regularly out of alignment, which leads to frequent bunching and knotting.

The non-Remy hair extensions will start to develop permanent, bedhead-like areas on the scalp in less than a day. On the other hand, Remy hair extensions are tangle-free. You’ve completed combing the extensions and are prepared to go further.

No Tacks

The dreaded matting accompanies tangling. Although dreadlocks are fantastic in and of themselves, it’s unlikely that you bought extensions to give you a “gangsta” look. 

After approximately a week, non-Remy human hair extensions will begin to mat and eventually become hard to manage. NOT Remy hair extensions. For months, they won’t mat and will remain silky and smooth. Remember, you want to look like Kim Kardashian, not Rick James.

Prolonged Life Span 

Those who have purchased synthetic or non-Remy human hair extensions are aware that they only maintain their look for a little time.

Non-Remy extensions undergo intense chemical processing, contributing to their short lifespan and susceptibility to rapid disintegration. 

Remy hair extensions, in contrast, might perhaps last a whole year. If you properly handle your Remy hair extensions, they will return the favor. Remy hair extensions are a fantastic investment in fashion.

Amazing Shine

Human hair has a beautiful cuticle. Healthy hair shines because its cuticle naturally reflects light when it is flat. This gives Remy hair extensions a brilliant, organic glow. However, cuticles only lay flat when they are evenly spaced out. Low-quality human hair extensions appear lifeless and dull because their cuticles are not aligned.

Open To Warmth and Colour

Heat-treated or coloured non-Remy extensions inevitably end up in the trash. Non-Remy human hair extensions are subjected to a severe chemical treatment before the sale, rendering them incapable of withstanding colouring or heat styling. The more resilient Remy hair extensions can endure any style that is done. 

Remy hair extensions may accommodate a variety of hairstyles, including curly, straight, blonde, and brunette hair. The best hair is Remy hair, to put it simply. It looks fantastic, is powerful, and is manageable. 

Your hair and wallet will suffer if you settle for less than the finest. Next week, check back for more wonderful Remy hair extension information and discussions on other famous people’s hairstyles and current fashions!

It’s critical to be aware that the rising price of raw hair resources puts pressure on low-cost competitors in the hair extension business.

We see and hear about quality issues—even the best Remy hair producers.

These brands generally begin cutting and combining their hair extensions with other materials to lower their pricing. It’s not good. But things are what they are. So, proceed with care.

For the average woman, Remy real hair extensions now provide the highest performance, value, and quality.


Because the hair is preserved in its original condition and has cuticles that run in the same direction, remy hair is frequently regarded as the gold standard in the hair extension industry. This results in less tangling, making it easier to manage. Remy hair is also less likely to frizz and is generally more durable than other types of hair extensions. If you need to buy hair extensions, choose Remy!

Foxy Locks offers high-quality clip-in Remy hair to women all over the world. We take great pleasure in providing top-notch products and exceptional customer service. Shop Remy clip-in hair extensions today!

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