Tape-Ins, I Tips and Clips-Ins: Hair Extension Secrets

The beauty of hair extensions is that they extend your hair while still looking natural. But what’s better are secret extensions that easily blend into your hair. 

You want your extensions to lay flat to create an invisible look. So if you’re on the hunt for the perfect hair extensions, we’ve got everything you need to know. First, let’s differentiate hair extension types:


Discreet clip-ins are arguably the most popular hair extensions in the market—and for a good reason. It looks natural and can be easily removed. You can install them yourself, too, without any professional assistance. However, you will need to remove them before you sleep and take a shower. 

Still, if you are looking for a seamless and convenient hair extension, clip-ins are your easy answer. Installation takes minutes, and you can achieve the look you want in just a moment. Plus, You can choose clip-in extensions made from human hair.

I Tips

I Tips are pre-bonded hair extensions that can be moved and reused. It uses a micro-ring or a copper tube to create that natural-looking, full volume. When installed, it’s close to the scalp. 

You will need professional assistance when installing I Tips on your hair if you want to achieve the best results and prevent hair damage as much as possible. You can keep your I Tips on your hair for weeks before you will need maintenance or removal. 


A contender for the most discreet and natural-looking hair extensions are tape-ins. They generally lay flat to the scalp, and the best advantage is that you can colour them to match your hair. You can also create any style you want, may it be waves or locks.

However, tape-ins need a long time to be installed and, like I Tips, requires professional assistance. They also need to be maintained every six to eight weeks to keep their premium appearance. 

4 Tricks to Natural-Looking Hair Extensions

You bet there’s a secret trick to making your hair extensions look like your natural hair as much as possible. Here are a few of them. 

Thickness (Remy Hair)

For instance, you want double drawn Remy human hair. This type of hair extension is actual, human hair that still contains the cuticle because they’re unprocessed, unlike other extensions. Double drawn means it was sorted twice to guarantee that all shorter hairs were removed. That way, the extensions look just as thick from the roots to the ends.

The result then makes Remy hair high-quality human hair with almost the same thickness from top to bottom without wispy ends. Moreover, when choosing Remy hair, you also want to consider whether they’re single or double volume, which is indicative of how thick they are.


Other than thickness, you also want to consider the lace. Does your hair extension have soft, seamless lace? Because if not, it may show some lift at the top of the seam, right where the scalp meets the clip-ins. If you want discreet extensions, that’s not a good sign.


You want to make sure that your hair extensions use silicone-lined clips so they’re more secure and require less pulling. That is one of the essential elements of natural-looking extensions.

Colour and Length

Of course, not all hair is the same, so you want to buy from a manufacturer with a wide range of colours and lengths. Your manufacturer must carry different hair extensions, from dark blonde to brunette colours, and long to short hair length options.

Short Hair Extension Secrets

For short hair, you want extensions that lay totally flat on the scalp. A slight lift of the natural hair makes a significant difference, making the extensions more obvious. Moreover, they can be a trick to style.

Choose clip-ins with soft, seamless lace with silicone-lined clips for more discreet wear. Remy hair tape-ins or double drawn I Tip extensions also create a flat look. Once you’ve installed the extensions, you’ll want a professional stylist to cut the wings to fit your hairstyle. 

It’s also vital that your ends blend with the extensions. So if you’re using hair extensions that are not thick enough, you might see the transition between your natural hair and the extensions. A double drawn hair will help prevent a step in the length as it is consistently thick from top to bottom.

Black Hair Extensions Secrets

Since most hair extensions come from countries with naturally black-haired people, such as China and India, those looking for black hair extensions need not worry so much. Black extensions are commonly offered in two shades: jet black and natural black. Jet black is deeper, darker, and usually has either blue or purple undertones. 

On the other hand, natural black has a neutral undertone, reflecting the natural black hair of raven-haired people. If you want a blended look, you’d want natural black for virgin hair.

Double Volume Extensions Secrets

Double volume is desirable for hair extensions because they indicate the weight and thickness of the hair in bundles. The heavier the hair, the more individual strands there are. 

This type of hair extension is excellent because it entails more hair in just one application. That means you’ll need fewer wefts to achieve a full look and less chance of pulling. Plus, double volume clip-ins can be removed every night before you sleep to avoid damage. 


Seamless hair extensions may come in different applications, but if you’re always on the go, clip-ins are your best option. They can be installed in a matter of minutes and blend comfortably with your natural hair. They also don’t require much maintenance, except that you need to remove them every night and store them in a proper place. It’s also important that they stay dry and dust-free. You may want to invest in hanging storage where you can store them securely and neatly. 

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