Hair Extension Video Tutorials

Welcome to our Video Hair Tutorials, where you can not only stay up-to-date with the latest hairstyle trends but also learn how to do each style! We have hand-selected some of the best and most popular video tutorials for you to choose from, all of which have been created by our very own Imogen and friends. 

Space Buns Hair

Space Buns Hair Tutorial

Got ‘90s nostalgia? Then this one’s for you. With our easy space buns hair tutorial, you can get an out-of-this-world hairstyle in just five steps! These double buns are super easy to do with hair extensions and this is one of our favourite hair tutorials for nailing the ‘90s look. Wear them for parties, summer festivals or simply as an alternative to your everyday up-‘do. Our step-by-step guide will show you how quick and simple this look is.

how to do dutch braids

Dutch Braids Tutorial

Step up your plait game with a classic Dutch braid. Similar to French braids, this style looks complicated but is super easy once you know how to do it! This simple Dutch braids hairstyle video tutorial walks you through each step so you get it perfect each and every time. Dutch braids work best with long hair, which is no problem with a little help from our Foxy Locks hair extensions. Check out our tutorial now to get the look.

ponytail tutorial

Ponytail Tutorial

Give your ponytail an upgrade and get the swishy mane of your dreams with our ponytail hair tutorial! If your hair is fine in texture, short or lacking body, we’ll show you how to add instant volume and length to your ponytail with Foxy Locks hair extensions, plus ensure they stay hidden in your hair. A classic ponytail will never go out of style; this versatile look is one you’ll wear again and again.

half up half down bun

Half Up Half Down Bun Tutorial

Get an effortlessly chic look in minutes with our half up half down bun tutorial. This is one of the simplest hair tutorials we have, and we love this everyday look. Our step-by-step guide shows you how to style hair extensions to look natural and ensure they blend flawlessly into your hair. You’ll be left with long flowing locks with a gentle wave and a stylish top-knot you can style to look casual day to day or glamorous on nights out.

ariana grande hair extensions

Ariana Grande Hair Extensions

If, like the rest of the world, you’ve been coveting Ariana’s signature half up half down hairstyle, this one’s for you! Learn how to get her famous Side to Side music video look yourself with our easy Ariana Grande hair extensions tutorial. We’ll take you through exactly how to perfect this classic hairstyle in a matter of minutes. This look is all about long and voluminous hair, so works best with our thickest and longest hair extension sets.

middle parting fringe

Middle Parting Fringe Tutorial

If you love a low-key look, this is the perfect hair tutorial for you. We’ll show you how to get a chic but simple middle parting with a fringe using Foxy Locks hair extensions for added volume and length. Learning how to style hair extensions to look natural is so easy! This hairstyle is effortless, timeless and can turn a bad hair day around in an instant. Check out our video and step-by-step guide to get this look and ensure a flawless finish with your extensions.

Dutch Braids

High Ponytail Tutorial

Short-haired ladies, this one’s for you! If your ponytail is lacking length, check out this quick high ponytail tutorial. We’ll show you how to get a long, luscious ponytail using Foxy Locks extensions in just a few minutes. For maximum impact, use our longest hair extension sets for this look. This elegant high ponytail style can be worn for work, nights out or simply as part of your day-to-day style repertoire. Watch our video now to learn how to get the look.

kim kardashian hair

Kim Kardashian Hair Tutorial

Love Kim K’s cornrows? Learn how to get her popular look easily with our five-step Kim Kardashian hair tutorial. This is one of our favourite hairstyle video tutorials for everyday styling or nights out. This plaited style looks best with long, thick hair – which you can get in seconds with our longer Foxy Locks hair extension sets. Check out our video to get her coveted cornrow look in just a matter of minutes. 

beach waves

Boho Curls Tutorial

Say goodbye to limp locks and hello to big bouncy waves! Our boho curls tutorial shows you how to get boho beachy waves and lots of volume in just five simple steps using our Foxy Locks extensions and a curling wand. Super voluminous and full of body, this is one of the best video tutorials if your hair is on the flat side and you want to create a covetable mane! Watch our video tutorial now to get the look.

khaleesi hair

Khaleesi Hair Tutorial

If, like us, you coveted Daenerys’ hair all through Game of Thrones, check out our easy Khalheesi hair tutorial and get a look to rival the Mother of Dragons herself! Perfect for nights out, summer festivals and everything in between, this Khaleesi hair always looks incredible. Don’t worry if you don’t already have long locks; our clip-in Foxy Locks hair extensions will help you get a beautiful Khaleesi-inspired side braid in mere minutes. 

fishtail ponytail

Fishtail Ponytail Tutorial

Want to learn how to do the perfect fishtail braid? Our fishtail ponytail tutorial will show you exactly how to nail this gorgeous hairstyle. A twist on a classic plait, a fishtail braid is a great style to learn if you want to update your everyday braid. Though it looks complicated, the best thing about this style is that it’s easy to do once you know how! Check out our video and step-by-step instructions to get the look.

braided top knot

Braided Top Knot Tutorial

A braid is a great way to give your classic top knot an upgrade. Our braided top knot tutorial will show you how to incorporate the perfect French braid into your look in just five easy steps. For extra volume and lots of body, we’ve added our Foxy Locks extensions and used heated curlers to get tumbling tresses with a gorgeous wave. This is one of our favourite tutorials when it comes to how to style hair extensions to look natural! Check out our video now.

mermaid hair

Mermaid Hair Tutorial

Unleash your inner Ariel with our mermaid hair tutorial! Whether it's for a festival or fancy dress party, this look will give you the fairytale hair you’ve always wanted. You’ll need our longest range of Foxy Locks extensions and a curling wand to get suitably long, flowing mermaid locks – plus lots of sparkling glitter to finish the look! Check out the full tutorial and follow our steps to see how it’s done.

mohawk braid

Mohawk Braid Tutorial

If you’re looking for a new up-’do with an edge, our mohawk braid tutorial is for you. We’ll show you section by section how this look takes shape. The bigger and chunkier, the better for this style, and with our Foxy Locks extensions, you can get a long, thick braid you can wear day to day or nights out. The beauty of this braid is that it can be a bit messy, perfect if a polished ponytail isn’t for you. Check out our full tutorial to see exactly how it’s done.

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